Akiles DuoMac-C21 Binding Machine
  • Akiles DuoMac-C21 Binding Machine
  • Akiles DuoMac-321 Wire Binding Machine
  • Akiles DuoMac-431 Binding Machine

AKILES DuoMac Custom Binding Machine


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The AKILES DuoMac Custom Binding Machineis a unique, custom-built combo unit to do the work of two. There are 10 combinations available and you get to choose the binding style combination that is best for you!

  • 10 binding combinations
    • Wire (3:1) + Coil (4:1) = DuoMac-431
    • Wire (2:1) + Coil (4:1) = DuoMac-421
    • Wire (3:1) + Coil (5:1) = DuoMac-531
    • Wire (2:1) + Coil (5:1) = DuoMac-521
    • Plastic Comb + Wire (2:1) = DuoMac-C21
    • Plastic Comb + Wire (3:1) = DuoMac-C31
    • Plastic Comb + Coil (4:1) = DuoMac-C41
    • Plastic Comb + Coil (5:1) = DuoMac-C51
    • Coil (5:1) + Coil (4:1) = DuoMac-541
    • Wire (2:1) / Wire (3:1) = DuoMac-321
  • Two independent punching die sets allow you to punch & bind multiple styles and/or different pitches.
  • Depth margin control provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size. 
  • Open punching throat & continuous punching guide for an easy alignment & punching of longer documents.
  • Wire closer control with continuous adjusting scale for an exact and secure closure every time.
  • Master selector determines the correct wire diameter, closing position, depth margin & wire pitch
  • Diameter scale measures document’s thickness in order to select best wire/comb size option.
  • Wire holder holds wire in place for easier inserting of sheets.
  • Waste Drawer
  • Vertical Wire Closer
  • Side margin control provides an evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
  • FREE coil crimpers with any Coil combination.
  • Comb Spreader with any Comb combination.
  • Built-in Wire closer with any combination.
  • 100% disengagement dies - wire & comb (5 for Coil)
  • All metal construction

Product Details

All-in-One Punch and Finisher
Plastic Comb, Coil, Wire
Varies by Style
Plastic Comb, Coil, Wire
26"W x 20"D x 20"H
14" or more w/ open end
20 sheets
1 year limited warranty
64 lbs.


Akiles DuoMac Binding Machine Product Brochure (akiles_brochure_duomac.pdf, 2,981 Kb) [Download]

Akiles DuoMac Owner's Manual (Akiles_DuoMac_Manual_English.pdf, 1,456 Kb) [Download]


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