Coil Binding Machines

Coil binding machines, including plastic coil and spiral book binding machines, allow you to easily bind with plastic spiral coils that are flexible and attractive. Coil binding is also known as GBC ColorCoil (or color coil), spiral coil and plastic coil. Save on top coil binding machine options such as an all-in-one spiral binding machine for smaller jobs or a modular punch and finisher for high-volume projects. And remember to order spiral coil binding supplies and crimping pliers if needed.

Coil Binding Machines

RubiCoil Spiral Coil Binding Machine


$279.00   $220.00

Entry level manual punch and inserter

iCoil Plastic Coil Binding Machine


$499.00   $380.00

Medium duty manual punch and electric coil inserter

TCC-SP410 Spiral Coil Binding Machine


$499.00   $435.00

Mid-level manual punch and inserter

CoilMac-M Spiral Coil Binding Machine


$549.00   $436.00

Manual punch and coil inserter

CoilMac-ER Spiral Coil Binding Machine


$749.00   $584.00

Manual punch and 4" electric coil inserter.

CoilMac-ECI Spiral Coil Binding Machine


$969.00   $773.00

Manual punch and full-size electric coil inserter.

AKILES DuoMac Custom Binding Machine


$1,049.00   $780.00
Custom binding machine available in 10 combinations

Select a custom combination