Thermal Binding Machines

Your trusted source for Thermal Binding Machines and Thermal Binders! Thermal binding, or perfect binding, does not require a 2-step punch and bind process, but uses a 1-step process that heats and melts a small strip of glue built into hard or soft thermal binding covers. Lower priced thermal binding machines are good for low-volume jobs, but higher volume jobs require a heavy-duty thermal binding machine. And to bind hard covers, you will also need a crimper.

Pro-Bind 1000 Thermal Perfect Binding Machine


$125.00   $99.95
Compact thermal binding finisher

Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binding Machine


$224.95   $172.00

Medium volume thermal binding machine

Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding Machine


$314.95   $240.50

Large office thermal binding machine

Pro-Bind Hard Cover Crimper


$275.00   $245.00
Thermal hard cover crimper

Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine


$795.00   $675.00

High-volume thermal binding finisher

Powis Parker Fastback 9



Whether you own a small company that is looking for a low-cost method of binding documents, or you work for a large corporation that wants a way to brand its work, the Fastback® 9 is an excellent choice for all your binding needs.

Powis Parker Fastback 20



Fast, and virtually maintenance free, the Fastback® 20 is the ideal machine for any print shop, copy shop, professional bindery, or office that wants a full-featured binding solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Binds 10 to 350 sheets in 13-20 seconds

Powis Parker PhotoPress



The PhotoPress uses pressure instead of heat to bind prints, so there is never any danger of heat damage to your photos. It’s so easy that anyone can learn to make beautiful photobooks in just a few minutes.