Thermal Binding Machines

Your trusted source for Thermal Binding Machines and Thermal Binders! Thermal binding, or perfect binding, does not require a 2-step punch and bind process, but uses a 1-step process that heats and melts a small strip of glue built into hard or soft thermal binding covers. Lower priced thermal binding machines are good for low-volume jobs, but higher volume jobs require a heavy-duty thermal binding machine. And to bind hard covers, you will also need a crimper.

Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine


$795.00   $675.00

High-volume thermal binding finisher

Perfect Bind T-30 Thermal Binding Machine



Entry level thermal binding machine

Pro-Bind 1000 Thermal Perfect Binding Machine


$125.00   $99.95
Compact thermal binding finisher

Pro-Bind Hard Cover Crimper


$275.00   $245.00
Thermal hard cover crimper

Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binding Machine


$224.95   $172.00

Medium volume thermal binding machine

Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding Machine


$314.95   $240.50

Large office thermal binding machine

Powis Fastback Super Strip™- Narrow 11"


100 per box

The Super Strip is a rugged, multi-purpose binding strip capable of strong tape binding in less than 15 seconds.

100 strips/ box

Powis Fastback LX-Strip™- Narrow 11"


100 per box

The Powis Fastback LX-Strip™ is a unique binding strip is designed specifically for use with the Fastback® 9 system.

100 strips/ box

Powis Parker Fastback® 20



Fast, and virtually maintenance free, the Fastback® 20 is the ideal machine for any print shop, copy shop, professional bindery, or office that wants a full-featured binding solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Binds 10 to 350 sheets in 13-20 seconds

Powis Parker Fastback® 9



Whether you own a small company that is looking for a low-cost method of binding documents, or you work for a large corporation that wants a way to brand its work, the Fastback® 9 is an excellent choice for all your binding needs.