VeloBind Binding Machines

GBC VeloBind machines produce attractive and secure strip binding presentations using VeloBind supplies with soft or hard covers for a professional finish. GBC used to offer SureBind equipment as well, but those machines have now been phased out due to the popularity of GBC VeloBind binding machines.

VeloBind Binding Machines

SecureBind V2000-Pro Binding Machine


$1,699.00   $1,275.00

Mid-volume manual punch and electric bind for VeloBind strip spines up to 2"

SecureBind V3000-Pro


$2,699.00   $1,635.00

Double Handle Manual Punching System plus Hot Knife Cutting System

GBC VeloBind V800pro System One Binding Machine


Maunal punch and electric finisher for VeloBind spines up to 1"