Wire Binding Machines

Your trusted source for wire binding machines, including GBC WireBind machines! Also known as twin loop wire binding, duo-wire, double wire and metal wire, wire binding machines are available as all-in-one punch and bind equipment or separate modular punches and finishers. Save on quality spiral wire binding machine brands including GBC, Rhin-O-Tuff and AKILES. We also stock twin loop wire binding supplies in 11 sizes and 7 popular colors.

Wire Binding Machines

GBC WireBind TL2900 Binding Machine



High-volume modular finisher

Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HC8318 Semi-Automatic Wire Inserter/Closer



The HC8318 Semi-Automatic Wire Inserter/Closer is much faster to operate as it inserts and closes the wire in one easy motion.

GBC WireBind MP2000W3 Punch



Fast and easy-to-use modular electric punch

Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx HD8370CE Semi-Automatic Wire Closer



The HD8370 and HD8318 Wire Closers are much faster to operate as they insert and close the wire in one easy motion.

WireMac-E Wire Binding Machine


$2,350.00   $1,830.00

Heavy duty electric punch and manual wire closer

VersaBind 4-in-1 Binding Machine


$1,899.00   $1,629.00

4-in-1 punch and bind with interchangeable dies (manual or electric)

FlexiCloser Electric Wire Binding Closer


$1,899.00   $1,362.00

Automatic electric wire closer

Renz ECL 360 Electirc Wire Closer



Electric Ring wire closing machine

GBC WireBind MC12 Binding Machine



Durable manual finisher

AKILES DuoMac Custom Binding Machine


$1,049.00   $780.00
Custom binding machine available in 10 combinations

Select a custom combination