Red Binding Combs

Red plastic binding combs are available in various sizes based on the number of sheets in your books.  Red comb binding supplies are a popular and affordable binding option and plastic binding combs let pages lie flat and make edits easy. Binding combs include many spine colors to choose from as well as textured GBC Matte Comb Binding Spines. We also offer a variety of binding covers to compliment your next bound presentation. Save on comb binding spines from brands you trust such as GBC CombBind plastic comb binding supplies.

Red Plastic Binding Combs - 5/16" Spines


Round / 100 spines

40-sheet capacity

Red Plastic Binding Combs - 5/8" Spines


Round / 100 spines

112-sheet capacity

Red Plastic Binding Combs - 7/16" Spines


Round / 100 spines

70-sheet capacity

Red Plastic Binding Combs - 7/8" Spines


Round / 100 spines

150-sheet capacity

Red Plastic Binding Combs - 9/16" Spines


Round / 100 spines

97-sheet capacity