Akiles EcoBind-C Plastic Comb Binding Machine

Akiles EcoBind-C Plastic Comb Binding Machine The EcoBind-C is a new high quality plastic comb binding machine from Akiles that offers a sleek and professional design and an excellent punching capacity. Designed for small to medium sized offices, this system can punch up to twenty sheets of 20lb paper per lift. It features a twelve inch punching throat with fully disengageable dies. That means you can use the EcoBind-C to bind virtually any length of document. Plus, the EcoBind-C also a depth of punch margin control and a high quality comb opener that is designed for use with the entire spectrum of comb binding supplies. Check out the EcoBind-C today. Akiles EcoBind-C Details: Punching Capacity: Up to twenty sheets of 20lb bond paper per lift Punch Length: Twelve inch punching throat with an open throat for longer documents. Binding Capacity: The EcoBind-C can be used with combs that are up to 2 inches in diameter. Ergonomic Punching Handle: The unique design of the punching handle allows an operator to use either hand for punching. That makes this machine an excellent choice for an office environment where both left handed and right hand users will be using the binding machine. Fully Disengageable Pins: Allows for punching all paper sizes without any partially punched holes. Depth Margin Control: Adjustable depth margin offers the best margin distance for each book size. Move the holes closer to the edge of the book for smaller documents and further from the edge of the book for larger documents. Built-in Comb Selection Guide: Measures document thickness to select the best comb size option. Stylish & Compact Design: Easily fits on any office environment. Weight: 25 Lbs 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty If you have any questions about the Akiles EcoBind-C or any of the Comb Binding Machines, Comb Binding Supplies or Plastic Comb Openers that we carry please feel free to contact Presentations Direct 800-284-2463, www.presentationsdirect.com and do a live chat with one of our representatives.