Binding Style Comparison

Binding Style Comparison

Sometimes the number of binding options for spines and covers can be overwhelming. You can compare 7 popular binding styles at a glance using the helpful style chart below.

One size does not fit all when it comes to binding style. Both form and function need to be considered when making a decision as to which style is best for your project. You should be asking some questions before reaching a final decision:

  • Will the style fit our image or brand?
  • Will we need to mail these documents?
  • Do we need the pages to lay flat or rotate 360 degrees?
  • Do we need to edit our documents after binding?
  • What are the cost of the supplies?








Spine Style Color Coil
Color Coil
Plastic Comb
Plastic CombBind
Twin Loop Wire
Twin Loop Wire
VeloBind & SureBind
VeloBind & SureBind
Punch Style Color Coil Plastic Comb ProClick Round Holes No Punching Needed Twin Loop Wire VeloBind & SureBind ZipBind
Documents Lay Flat
360 Degree Rotation
Easily Edit Pages
Best for Mailing
Most Secure
Custom Cover Solutions
Benefits Coil is also known as spiral coil, plastic coil or color coil. Coils are flexible, keep shape, allow the book to rotate 360 degrees and lie flat, are colorful and stylish. Also known as plastic comb, CombBind or 19 ring binding. Conventional &
most affordable binding option. Spine lets pages lie flat,
and easily make edits.
Spine is fast and easy
to use. Opens & closes with a special tool for
quick edits. Pages lie flat for 360 degree rotation.
Also known as ThermaBind, this option is great for filing, stacking and mailing, and it binds without holes, tapes or fasteners. Both hard and soft covers are available. Also known as WireBind, this spine allows pages to lie flat with 360 degree rotation. Permanently binds pages so documents stay in place. Popular strip binding styles include VeloBind, SureBind and Fastback. You get a book-like finish, pages lock in place and it’s great for filing, stacking and mailing. Great for making a
lot of edits, even on the run with a special tool. This upscale style simply uses the comb binding systems. There are no separate ZipBind systems.
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