Eco-Friendly VeloBind Strips Require Binding Machine Adjustment

Eco-Friendly VeloBind Strips Require Binding Machine Adjustment

GBC has issued a technical bulletin that applies to binding customers using their new eco-friendly VeloBind strips.

The service notice explains that the VeloBind strips are not defective but an adjustment needs to be made to the user’s hot-knife VeloBind Binding Machine to lower the temperature on the equipment in order to prevent damage to the equipment due to the strips sticking to the machine when binding. This sticking is due to the lower melting point of the new ec0-friendly VeloBind strips from GBC.

This type of heat adjustment is best handled by a qualified service technician as the process varies from machine to machine. And this primarily affects GBC System 1, System 2, System 3 and System 4 VeloBind Machines. The technical bulletin was released in September 2011.

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