GBC CC2700 Coil Binding Machine Video Demo

The GBC CC2700 Coil Binding Machine is an electric finisher for coil binding, sometimes known as ColorCoil, spiral coil or plastic coil. The CC2700 is to be used along with a separate punch and is well-suited for high-volume print shops or offices.

This video demonstration of the GBC CC2700 has some groovy music (i.e. outdated), but the info is still good and it will give you a good overview of the capabilities and use of this popular electric coil binding inserter.

The GBC CC2700 coil inserter is capable of binding documents with up to 265 sheets or 1″ thick by 12″ long. This unit is on the higher end at just over $2,000. So if that doesn’t fit your budget, there are other electric coil binding machines available that may meet your needs and budget.

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