GBC Changes the Look of ZipBind Binding Spines

GBC Changes the Look of ZipBind Binding Spines

GBC recently changed the look of their exclusive ZipBind Binding Spines. The new design is meant to allow for easier page turning, while maintaining durability. The old design used a double loop while the new design uses a single loop.

GBC ZipBind was originally designed as a stylish alternative to comb binding spines since ZipBind supplies fit comb binding punched paper (19 ring). In other words, if you have a plastic comb binding machine that punches rectangle holes, you will be able to use the GBC ZipBind Binding Spines.

ZipBind supplies not only look good, but are also easy to edit. You can edit pages by simply pulling apart the spine in a similar fashion as a 3-ring binder or you can use the ZipBind zip tool to quickly zip and unzip the spine for adding or deleting pages from your bound document.

The new ZipBind spines are available in black and are 11″ long with 3 sizes to accommodate books up to 110 sheets:

  • 5/16″ holds up to 45 sheets
  • 1/2″ holds up to 85 sheets
  • 5/8″ holds up to 110 sheets

If you’re looking for an attractive alternative to comb binding and you’ve already invested in comb binding equipment, GBC ZipBind may be an option that helps you add a unique style to your presentations or reports.

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