GBC MagnaPunch Review

GBC MagnaPunch Review

Please Note: This is a review for the original GBC MagnaPunch that has now been replaced by the GBC MagnaPunch 2.

The GBC MagnaPunch is a heavy-duty electric desktop binding punch. This unit is rated by GBC at 40,000 sheets punched per hour, but realistically can punch closer to 30,000 sheets an hour. It has a half second punch cycle and a continuous duty motor for increased productivity.

The MagnaPunch is ideal for medium to heavy production print shops or in plant operations as well. This unit has a wide variety of interchangeable die sets that allow for all desired punch patterns including GBC ProClick, plastic comb, color coil, twin loop wire and VeloBind.


  • Companies that prefer the traditional, lay flat style for paper feeding will be pleased with this unit.
  • The MagnaPunch has an extra large chip drawer for fewer project pauses.
  • This unit can be operated by either a foot pedal or the automatic punch sensor mechanism.
  • Switching the die sets is a snap as no tools are necessary.
  • GBC nationwide service coverage access is good.


  • With the lay flat feed style of the MagnaPunch, sheets can be off skew or punched unevenly if the user is not careful during paper insertion.
  • This unit does have a slightly higher price point than other comparable units, but in this case you do get what you pay for.

Bottom Line:
The GBC MagnaPunch is one of the best electric punch units in its class.  The lay flat feed design has some advantages over a gravity feed unit and the MagnaPunch is faster and easier to use than many similar interchangeable die punch machines.

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