GBC PB2600 Comb Binding Machine Review

GBC PB2600 Comb Binding Machine Review

The GBC PB2600 binding machine is a compact, electric comb binding finisher. This modular binding unit increases productivity during assembly of plastic comb bound books.


  • The GBC PB2600 binding machine has an easy select dial to adjust for varying sizes of comb bindings and contains an illuminated size guide helping to make set up easier.
  • The operator can use the table top push button or the foot pedal option for opening and closing the combs.
  • The PB2600 is equipped with exclusive spine stoppers to prevent large oval binding elements from flipping forward when opened. These stoppers can be removed if larger, oval comb bindings are rarely used or not used at all.
  • This unit is all metal construction and includes aluminum die cast sides which provide long life and overall durability.
  • The PB2600 can be stacked onto a modular punching unit for space saving as well as greater productivity potential.  The GBC Magnapunch Interchangeable Die Punch, GBC MP2500ix Interchangeable Die Punch or GBC CombBind MP2000PB Punch will provide the punch equipment you need to prepare to bind with the GBC PB2600.


  • The GBC PB2600 for plastic comb binding can only use a maximum comb length of 19 rings or bind an 11” sheet size.
  • Some feel the spine stoppers can get in the way when binding smaller books.

Bottom Line:
The GBC PB2600 binding machine (7301000) is a quick, compact comb inserter if you are strictly binding standard 19R or 11” sheets. This unit is well built and designed for production and ease of operation.

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