GBC Ultima 65 School Laminator Review

GBC Ultima 65 School Laminator Review


The GBC Ultima 65 school roll laminator is the best selling laminator for the school market in the United States. Daycares, churches and printers are also taking advantage of this easy-to-operate, heavy duty, 27″ heat roll laminator. This laminator is an ideal solution to preserve classroom manipulatives, art projects, bulletin board decorations, tradeshow graphics, blueprints and so much more.

The GBC Ultima 65 is a heat roll laminator in contrast to a heat shoe laminator such as the Ledco, USI or Banner school laminators. A heat shoe laminator is not recommended for environments where the laminator will experience multiple stop and start runs. The benefit of a heat roll laminator is found in the steel rods found within the rollers. Heat rollers are able to evenly distribute heat which prevents cold spot blotches from appearing on laminated materials.


  • Ease of Use Operation - The keypad controls and LED display of the Ultima 65 makes laminating more efficient and simple enough for all operators. Teachers, librarians, office personnel and volunteers can feel comfortable and capable using the Ultima 65 with only minimal training.
  • Safety - Complete with safety interlock feed tray and safety shield the GBC Ultima 65 is well equipped with safety in mind. This unit will not operate unless the feed tray is locked in place and the safety shield has been engaged. To prevent overheating and offer peace of mind, this laminator is equipped with an Auto Shut-Off feature that turns the machine off after 4 hours of non-use.
  • Durability and Service - The heavy duty construction of the Ultima 65 will enable years of lamination use. This laminator requires only minimal maintenance. Service calls are typically a result of operator error. This includes loading film incorrectly or attempting to laminate materials (wood, cardboard, etc) not recommended for this machine. Please be aware that the Ultima 65 is not designed for mounting materials. If a service need should arise, you can rest assured that with GBC’s nationwide service coverage, a qualified technician can be located in your area.
  • Variable Film Length/Thickness Options - Although 1.5 mil. 25″ x 500′ is the most common film used on the Ultima 65, this unit is capable of laminating sheets up to 27″ wide. This is ideal for laminating larger posters, maps, banners and signs. The Ultima 65 will accept 1.2, 1.5, 1.7 and 3 mil. Thick films to allow you to choose the desired rigidity of your finished product.
  • Cost - If you are looking to invest your carefully budgeted money into a well built, dependable and easy to use roll laminator, the Ultima 65 could be the laminator for you. This unit is extremely well priced in its category. There may be an alternative laminator available at a slightly lower price, but with a GBC product, like the best-selling Ultima 65, you know you will receive a superior quality product. With the rising cost of oil and oil based products, laminating film costs can be difficult to manage. High volume film users such as schools are seeking ways to stretch their monies as much as possible. The GBC Ultima 65 will help you accomplish this goal because all brands and grades of film can be run on this laminator.


Whether you are an educational facility seeking to protect your educational resources, a church desiring to enhance their promotional materials or a printer offering basic lamination services for posters and signage for your customers, I would highly recommend the GBC Ultima 65 laminator. If you are shopping for a laminator capable of mounting or a unit designed for specialty applications you should consider a laminator in a separate category such as the GBC Catena series.

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