How to Properly Load GBC Ultima 65 Laminator with Film

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Ultima 65 Loading Instructions:
Remove remaining film from the Laminator:
1. Remove the tray, raise the shield, and place the lower idler bar in the down position. Break the lower film path.

2. Lift the bottom film layer up against the top film layer on the red roller. If the machine is hot it should stick. Replace the tray and lower the safety shield.

3. Break the top film path and lift the safety shield. Lay the double layer of film on the tray and lower the safety shield.

4. Set the speed to “2″. At the center of the machine grip the double layer of film in your left hand and pull while pressing the reverse button until the film is completely out of the machine.

Remove the empty film cores:
5. Remove the tray and remove both film shafts by pushing the film shaft to the right and swinging the left end slightly away from the machine. LOOSEN ONLY THE FILM CAPS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SHAFTS (HEX end).

Load the new rolls of film:
7. Insert the new supply rolls on the shafts making sure that the film FEEDS OFF THE BOTTOM OF THE SUPPLY ROLLS TOWARD THE RED ROLLERS. The shiny side MUST be against the red rollers! This applies to both the top and bottom rolls of film. The rolls of film should also be snug against the right end caps on the supply shaft to assure proper alignment. Install both shafts on the machine.

8. Raise the bottom idler bar to the up position. Unwind a little film off the bottom supply roll and lay it on the gray panel below the silver idler bar. Lower the idler bar and then thread around or UNDER the bottom idler and back toward you. Lay it across the lower supply roll.

9. Lower the shield. Pull enough fill from the top film supply to cover the clear shield. Tuck the film behind the shield and OVER the top film idler. Drape it across both red rollers. Raise the shield. Lift the bottom film layer up against the top film layer. If it is hot it will stick to the top layer. You should now have a double layer of film over the face of the red rollers.

10. Place the bottom film idler in the UP position and replace the tray.

Thread the film:
11. Unwind a little film off the top roller to create some slack. Push the film threading card firmly into the point where the red rollers meet. Set the machine to speed “2″. Press start while pushing firmly on the card. Watch for the card to feed flat into the rear grey rollers. Occasionally it may curl up and try to miss the rear rollers. You can take a ruler or a long pen to put gentle downward pressure on the card to help guide it. Unwinding a little film off the top roll as the card is threading will help keep the card flat as it goes through the machine. If the machine is not fully warmed up, STOP with the card between the rollers until the laminator is fully warmed up.
GBC Ultima 65 Laminator

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