An Overview of Fellowes Binding Machines

An Overview of Fellowes Binding Machines

Fellowes Binding Machines are known for their style, dependability and budget-friendliness. Fellowes has become a household name in office equipment and supplies for small and large offices alike, so let’s take a look at the 3 binding machine styles from Fellowes that start at less than $100.

Comb Binding Machines

Comb binding, or plastic comb, is known as a workhorse in book binding. Comb binding is dependable and economical. Documents lay flat when bound with plastic combs and are easy to edit.

Fellowes offers 9 comb binding machines beginning with the Fellowes Starlet manual binding machine and ending with the Fellowes Orion E electric binding machine. When selecting a comb binding machine, it’s important to think about volume to ensure your equipment can handle the number of sheets to help you bind efficiently.

Fellowes comb binding machines can be divided into 5 model groups:

Punch Method Punch Capacity Bind Method Bind Capacity
Star Manual 10 sheets Manual 300 sheets
Pulsar Manual or Electric 15 sheets Manual 300 sheets
Qusar Manual or Electric 20 sheets Manual 500 sheets
Galaxy Manual or Electric 25 sheets Manual 500 sheets
Orion Electric 30 sheets Manual 500 sheets


Wire Binding Machines

Wire binding is a popular and stylish option that allows documents to lay flat and rotate 360 degrees. Wire binding spines are susceptible to damage when sent through the mail, so you’ll want to consider your usage before selecting this binding style.

Fellowes offers 2 wire binding options in manual and electric models. The Quasar manual wire binding machine punches up to 15 sheets and binds up to 130 sheets while the Galaxy E is an electric punch and manual bind capable of punching up to 20 sheets and binding up to 130 sheets.

Thermal Binding Machines

Thermal binding is a one-step binding process that is bound with glue strips typically built in to the back of the thermal cover. Thermal binding is ideal for mailing because there is no separate spine.

Fellowes offers the Helios line of thermal binding machines with the Helios 30 capable of binding up to 300 sheets and the Helios 60 capable of binding up to 600 sheets. Fellowes thermal binding machines offer a 2-year warranty and are simple to use.

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