Plockmatic International Acquires Morgana Systems

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and MILTON KEYNES, UK—February 1, 2013—Plockmatic  International AB, one of the world’s leading developers and  manufacturers of document finishing technology, has acquired Morgana  Systems Ltd. of the United Kingdom. The acquisition dramatically expands  the two companies’ distribution capacity and product line, positioning  the new group at the forefront of the industry.

Morgana will be a  wholly-owned subsidiary of Plockmatic. The Swedish firm’s CEO, Jan  Marstorp, will head the new group. Morgana will maintain its offices in  Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, where Quen Baum will continue as managing  director.

Morgana Systems is a leader in the development and  sales of off-line document finishing technology. Their products are sold  through a direct sales force in the United Kingdom and a network of  distributors around the world.

Plockmatic is the leading  supplier of in-line booklet making systems custom designed for the  mid-range digital print segment. Plockmatic also manufactures a range of  off-line booklet makers sold through independent distributors worldwide  and a versatile mail-feeding system available through distributors and  OEM partners.

Plockmatic International is part of Grimaldi Industri Group, a diversified Stockholm-based holding company.

“The  acquisition of Morgana gives us access to the product development,  technology and distribution capabilities we need to reach more customers  all over the world,” said Salvatore Grimaldi, owner and CEO. “I’m  delighted to welcome Morgana to our group of companies.”

Jan  Marstorp of Plockmatic adds: “For a long time we’ve had enormous respect  for Morgana’s people and its products. Together, these two innovative  companies add value to the printed page as part of the communications  mix.”

Quen Baum of Morgana says he is delighted that the company  is being acquired by Plockmatic which he sees as the ideal partner for  the future.

“The combined companies and brands will be even  stronger in the market and will better serve our customers and staff,”  he says. “We look forward to the future and to being part of Plockmatic  and the Grimaldi Industri Group.”

About Grimaldi Industri Group

Grimaldi Industri GroupOpens in a new window has annual revenues of over €250 million. Under the leadership of  Salvatore Grimaldi, the company includes some 1,300 employees across  businesses that include Europe’s leading bicycle brands like Bianchi,  Peugeot, Gitane, Crescent, Monark, DBS and Kildemoes. Other companies  include Karlsson Spools, a manufacturer of spools for hydraulic valves,  Grimaldis Mekaniska Verkstad, a subcontractor to the manufacturing  industry, Learnify e-learning solutions and Investment AB Rivetina. In  addition, the group is part-owner of industrial concern 3nine,  electronic retail pricing system provider Pricer and e-learning company  Contento Wassum.