Powis Announces New Fastback 20 Binding Machine

Powis Announces New Fastback 20 Binding Machine

BERKELEY, Calif. – June 1, 2011 – Powis today announced its new flagship Fastback binding machine, the Fastback 20.

Fastback 20 is the ideal binding machine for all corporations, financial institutions, copy shops, print environments or educational institutions that require professional looking presentations, yearbooks, hardcovers, and other bound documents; all at a fraction of the time required to bind with alternative solutions such as coil, comb, or wire.

The Fastback 20 now supports Image Strips and Logo Strips, allowing companies to customize their presentations with logos or other designs for the ultimate in professionalism and branding.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new flagship machine.” said Kevin Parker, Founder and CEO of Powis Parker. “This machine has been in development for several years to enhance its features, while at the same time, to reduce the price so that it is affordable for more companies. The results are spectacular. It is the perfect binding machine for anyone who needs a fast, full-featured machine capable of binding in large quantities.”

The Fastback 20 http://www.powis.com/products/bindingmachines/fastback20.php works with all of the Powis binding materials, from the versatile Super Strip to the Perfectback strips for perfect bind books. It can create anything from a simple report to a 350-sheet hardcover book.

“We are extremely happy with the results we are seeing from the Fastback 20!”, said Bob Gonzalez, Office Max Manager.

The difference between the Fastback 20 and our two previous Fastback machines is almost indescribable. The speed and accuracy in which the Fastback 20 operates has cut the binding time on our large orders almost in half. Far and away, one of my favorite features on the Fastback 20 is the ability to adjust the positioning of the tape itself, so that the tape is flush with the book. With the Fastback 20 all it takes is the touch of a button and we have been able to achieve perfectly consistent binding positions on every book of every run. The ability to increase and decrease the binding time is an excellent addition as well, and does not adversely affect the quality of the finished product one bit.

Ease of use

The Fastback 20 offers unprecedented ease of use through its one-touch binding and an advanced LCD display. Binding is as easy as 1-2-3. The LCD display walks the user through all the binding capabilities with animated illustrations. The new model 20 has a minimal number of buttons to make the binding process highly intuitive. An easier to see and reach binding strip guide on the side enables faster, easier binding. The firmware is upgradable through an SD card.

Impress with a Professional Customized Presentation

Companies can customize their presentations to make the best impression possible, by ordering Image Strip or Logo Strip. You choose the graphics, colors, logo, and branding that are printed on the strip to promote your brand on your important documents.

Fast and Eco-Friendly

The Fastback 20 can bind 10 to 350 sheets in 13 – 20 seconds; 3 ½ times faster than most punchand- bind solutions. It also offers significantly improved energy efficiency. The warm up time is less than 3 minutes –3 times faster than the Fastback 15. When not being used, the model 20 goes into deep sleep mode using 10W or less, and recover to bind is less than 3 minutes.

All materials are fully recyclable, unlike plastic coil, comb, or wire solutions.

Compact, Modern Design

With a dynamic profile and contemporary design, the Fastback 20 has a smaller footprint, so it takes up less tabletop space than the model 15. It also has an improved book rest geometry.

Pricing and Availability

The Fastback 20 is available for immediate shipment, and retails at $4,295.

Fastback 20 is available in the United States and Worldwide through the Powis Parker network of dealers and distributors. Visit http://www.powis.com or call customer service at 800.321.BIND to find out how to purchase.

Tax Deduction – United States only

This is a perfect time to buy or upgrade to the Fastback 20 as the 2010 Tax Relief Act allows companies to deduct 100% of the cost of new equipment, through the 100% bonus depreciation. Please consult with your tax advisor to ensure your purchase will qualify for this deduction.

Trade-in Credit

Ask your dealer about receiving a Trade-in for your Fastback 15 when purchasing a Fastback 20. Most dealers are extending this offer for a limited time only.

About Powis
Powis is the inventor of Fastback® –revolutionary tabletop binding machines that produce strong, beautiful tape binding and bookstore-quality perfect binding and hardcovers. The Fastback line ranges from small office machines to systems that can support a high volume digital press. Our innovative bind-on-demand technology is used by leading photo book manufacturers, multiple Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. More information is available at www.powis.com.

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