Powis Announces New Image Strip Line for the Fastback 20

Powis Announces New Image Strip Line for the Fastback 20

Powis, manufacturer of the new Fastback 20 strip binding machine, has just announced the release of their new Image Strip line for the Model 20. All of the Model 20 binders that are equipped with software version 1.1.1 or newer are compatible with the new Image Strip.

Powis has simplified the entire composition of the Image Strip product line to offer more choices with shorter lead times, more flexibility in book widths, lower minimum runs lower prices. The Image Strips will be offered in two basic types:

  1.  The first type, named Image Strip CB (continuous background), is brand new and marries branding strength with a manufacturing efficiency that insures high quality, fast turn-around and lower costs. Its basic design repeats in all directions while its custom logo is a constant reminder of your name or brand.
  2. The second type is the current Image Strip named Image Strip TS (traditional style). These strips can be custom designed to include a photo or full design graphic beyond a simple logo.
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