Presentations Direct attends Print13 in Chicago/many great new products

Presentations Direct’s Regional Marketing Sales Representatives along with company owner and President Ed Schainker were in attendance at Print13, the largest gathering of printing, graphics, and document finishing manufacturers in the industry. With Ed Schainker were Kevin Thompson, Adam Valenzuela and Ryan Kneezel and they visited with many of the current companies that Presentations Direct represents.
Many new and innovative machines and products were reviewed by the group including the new ALM 3222 automatic laminator from Drylam which now features a heat roller system rather than the previous heat chamber setup of the ALM 3220, and a greatly improved micro adjustment ability for the automatic trimmer unit.
Presentations Direct was introduced to Modico the very innovative manufacturer of  ink stamps. Modico combines perfect function with aesthetics and ergonomics. Models in different sizes and up to 5 different variant of colors leave nothing to be desired. Brilliant imprint quality and high durability with one fill up providing 20,000 imprints. the stamp can be refilled easily, text-plate and ink-pad are replaceable. Presentations Direct is now carrying the complete line of equipment and supplies to allow you to produce any type of stamp your imagination can think of, and for any office necessity.
Formax has many new and exciting folders, creasers, and inserters, including a new business card slitter with a very attractive entry level price.
Akiles had the newest in their line of new machines on display including the new VersaMac+ Heavy-Duty Punch with Auto- Ejector and Stacker, fulling automated for speed and convenience, capable of punching up to 20 sheets at a time and then automatically ejecting, jogging and stacking all in one simply motion. Also on display was the Finish@Coil-Pro a fully automatic coil inserter and crimper with capacity to use 8 mm to 20mm coil and a run speed of up to 500 books per hour. This is due to be available for placement in Jan. 2014.
One of the most exciting new items that we viewed and will be carrying in our product line were the 3D printers, this new technology is going to be extremely important in all facets of manufacturing and Presentations Direct will be on the cutting edge of this product offering.
The market place continues to evolve and Presentations Direct in right in step with all the newest and most innovative products available today and tomorrow. See us on the internet at .