Review: Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine

Review: Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine

The easy to use Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine is a heat binding unit that requires no warm up time and offers an auto shut off safety feature. This 1 step thermal binding solution requires no punching to make attractive and secure bound documents.

The user can bind up to 10 hard cover or soft cover documents at one time using this desktop perfect thermal binding equipment. Adding a Pro-Bind Hard Cover crimper enables the user to produce attractive and professional looking hard cover thermal bound books, presentations and reports.


  • 18 gauge steel all-metal construction provides durability.
  • A wide range of spine sizes can be used (from 1/16” to 2” spines).
  • 1 button, 1 step binding convenience (no punching required).
  • Fast binding due to no warm up time along with 30 second cycle time for soft cover thermal binders and 60 seconds for hard cover thermal binders.
  • Capable of production rates of around 420 soft cover books per hour.


  • If you frequently need to edit your documents after binding, then the 2000 may not work for you. Editing is technically possible, but not easy.
  • Documents cannot be rotated 360 degrees, although this may not be important to many people.
  • Documents do not lay flat as easily as other binding styles.  This would depend on your cover choice and book thickness.

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To complete your thermal binding project, you will need to choose between soft or hard thermal binding covers. Soft thermal binding covers provide a variety of colors and are more economical, while hard binding covers provide a more durable solution and require additional crimping equipment. Custom covers are also available to customize your documents with your marketing message or brand.


The Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine enables the user to have an easy thermal binding process which provides economically bound documents that are secure, attractive and easy to mail with no punching needed. This low cost, easy binding solution may be ideal for your next bound presentation.

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