Support The Hope Institute– For Free!

We have some exciting news to share with you and a way for you to support the Hope Institute for Children and Families….. FREE!!!!!! Hope has signed on with Ching, a new fundraising tool that provides one more way to help secure the funds needed to meet our mission. All you need to do is visit The Hope Institute and register as a member of Ching. The next time you shop online, go through the link to the store on our website and The Hope Institute (  will receive up to 10% of your purchase. You can also download our web browser extension which will allow you to shop and earn without visiting The Hope Institute website again! The funds are paid by the retailer, so not a penny will come out of your pocket.
The Hope Institute thanks you in advance for your support and generosity in helping to further our efforts to provide the necessary services to the children and families that we serve.

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