What is GBC EZ-Load Laminating Film?

What is GBC EZ-Load Laminating Film?

GBC EZ-Load laminating film is a specialty film laminate for use with the GBC EZ-Load Laminator line.

It’s important to confirm that you first have an EZ-Load laminator since EZ-Load film is not compatible with traditional roll laminators. And currently, GBC only manufactures three EZ-Load laminators:

Each of these laminators uses a different EZ-Load film size (11.5″, 12″ or 25″), but they all take advantage of the main selling point of the EZ-Load line and that is the foolproof loading method. In other words, GBC has taken the guesswork out of loading film by adding special adapters to the core of the film rolls that allow the film to only be loaded one way … the correct way.

Sometimes in environments like schools where multiple people will be using the same laminating machine, not everyone gets trained correctly on how to install film and sometimes this results in messy errors that can damage the equipment.

But with the EZ-Load film rolls, no mistakes can be made when loading the film which can eliminate frustration and save money in costly repairs and service calls.

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