Akiles Binding Machines

Akiles Binding Machines are sold in a variety of ways.  Choose from an all-in-one, a finisher, or just a punch.  Whether you are looking for a wire, comb, coil, automatic, or manual machine we are here to help.  Use the filters on the side to select the best binding machine for your next project or contact us for more information.

AlphaBind-CE Plastic Comb Binding Machine


$1,150.00   $878.00
Solid letter size electric punch and finisher

MegaBind-1E Plastic Comb Binding Machine


$1,815.00   $1,387.00
Heavy duty electric punch & manual finishing solution for documents up to 14"

FlexiPunch-E Electric Interchangeable Die Binding Punch


$1,749.00   $1,398.00

Economical modular punch with interchangeable dies

Select included die set

CombMac-24E Plastic Comb Binding Machine


$1,999.00   $1,556.00

Heavy-duty electric punch and manual comb finisher for commercial workloads

CoilMac-ECP Heavy-Duty Coil Binding Punch


$1,999.00   $1,575.00

Heavy duty electric punch

WireMac-E Wire Binding Machine


$2,350.00   $1,830.00

Heavy duty electric punch and manual wire closer

CoilMac-EPI Spiral Coil Binding Machine


$2,495.00   $1,938.00
Electric punch and full-size electric coil inserter.

VersaMac Interchangeable Die Binding Punch


$4,899.00   $3,779.00

Powerful and economical modular punch with interchangeable dies

Select included die set