Dahle CleanTEC 41434 High Security Shredder
  • Dahle CleanTEC 41434 High Security Shredder
  • The DAHLE CleanTEC® Command Dial easily controls all shredder functions.
  • This specialized 3 ply filter permanently traps up to 98% of fine dust.

Dahle CleanTEC 41434 High Security Shredder



In order to protect our National Security, military and government agencies require higher levels of security from their paper shredders. The DAHLE CleanTEC® 41434 is a Security Level: P-7 machine capable of reducing a single sheet of paper into over 15,500 tiny particles. This machine is designed for military, federal, state or local governments as well as Department of Defense contractors engaged in projects where National Security is an issue.
The DAHLE CleanTEC® is the World's only shredder with a fine dust filtration system. This integrated system collects fine dust particles created around the cutting cylinders, and forces them into a specialized filter on the back of each machine. This DAHLE CleanTEC® filter permanently traps up to 98% of the fine dust, and provides a cleaner, healthier work environment.
Safety continues to be the priority at Dahle, and the DAHLE CleanTEC® 41434 shredder features the most advanced safety features in the industry. Equipped with the revolutionary Safe Technology Package, each shredder offers Verbal and Contact Emergency Shutdown. In the event of an emergency, simply say "Stop" or tap the top cover of the machine, and the shredder immediately stops. The 10 1/4" feed opening is reinforced with steel and only large enough to accept paper. As an added safeguard, this opening contains electronic sensors that will turn the shredder off, should your fingers get too close. An emergency shutoff switch is also located on the back of the machine as yet another level of personal safety.
The DAHLE CleanTEC® 41434 operates using the intuitive SmartPower Energy Management System. This multi-stage system reduces power consumption after ten minutes of sitting idle (sleep mode), and completely powers down after 30 minutes of inactivity. Dahle SmartPower will appeal to those interested in conserving energy as well as reducing electrical costs.
Just like any fine tuned machine, your shredder needs to be properly oiled to run at peak performance. This shredder is equipped with the Dahle EvenFlow Lubricator. This automatic oiler provides slow, continuous lubrication across the entire cutting mechanism.
  • DAHLE CleanTEC® FiltrationTraps 98% of fine dust
  • Safe Technology Package: Each shredder offers verbal and contact emergencey shutdown
  • Notifies user when sheet capacity is exceeded, when to replace the filter, and when to change the shred bag
  • SmartPower Energy Management System to reduce power consumption and costs
  • Automatic Dhale EvenFlow Lubricator provides lubricant across the entire cutting mechanism
  • Security Level P7
  • 10 1/4" Feed Opening
  • Up to 12 Sheet Capactiy
  • 1mm x 4.7mm Shred Size


Product Details

30 gal
36 3/4" x 21 1/2" x 17 1/2"
7 (Maximum)
1mm x 4.7mm
10 1/4"

Safely Shreds



Dahle CleanTEC 41434 Specification Sheet (41434.pdf, 791 Kb) [Download]