Customer Reviews

"The prices were great. It was a snap to complete my order online. Best of all, it was delivered a day before it was due to be here!"

"I am happy to say that someone from Presentations Direct called me moments after I placed an order because I ordered a different styled binder cover than normal. We discovered during the call that I had ordered the wrong cover so we were able to switch the order which saved me from sending it back once I received the binders. Great Job!!!"

"Customer service and delivery efficiency is amazing!!"

"You did what you said you would do. Amazing. That doesn't happen too often now days."

"I have ordered 3 times from Presentations Direct and processing my orders has been great. The items I ordered were recieved in the time told to me and the quality of items was exactly as I wanted. Thanks."

"The order arrived in a reasonable amount of time, and I appreciate the follow-up, which alerted me to other products and services you offer. I'm impressed and will always consider your company when looking for things you carry. Thanks."

"Thank you Elena, I must say that I am more than pleased with your company!"

"Thanks for the follow up, purchasing from your website was really quite nice. Your site saved me a bunch of money and ... I was called and notified of a shortage of product. Whoever it was quickly sent me a new invoice. That’s much better than most of our vendors. Anyway, I got the shipment and started binding. Worked out great. Thanks!"

"You were super helpful ... I can see why everyone wrote such nice reviews of your company."

"You were very responsive and timely. When there was an issue of shipping to an overseas military address, you notified me, we discussed and we came up with a good solution. I am telling my US military and other official U.S. friends overseas to use PresentationsDirect.com."

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