Wide Format and Commercial Laminating Film

Presentations Direct is your headquarters for Wide Format Laminating Film and Commercial Laminating Film! We offer laminating film from trusted brands such as GBC and Drytac.

Our specialized films include the following commercial and wide format film options for your laminator. Please call 1-800-284-2463 to order your commercial lamination film and wide format laminating supplies.

  • Hot and cold laminating film.
  • Standard and Low Melt (Lo-Melt) film.
  • 2.25" and 3" core commercial and wide format film rolls.
  • GBC Arctic pressure sensitive laminating rolls and mounting adhesives.
  • GBC Octiva thermal laminating film.
  • Single-sided commercial laminating film.
  • Laminating film with UV protection.
  • Drytac wide format films.
  • Fujipla automatic laminator film (sold regionally).
  • And MORE! Please call to order your film today.

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