Compare Shred Styles

When choosing a paper shredder to buy, one size does not fit all. Security level, speed and price are just a few of the options you'll need to weigh as you decide which features are most important to you. So start below by comparing which shred style meeets your objectives as you look to buy the right paper shredder for you.

  Micro-Cut Cross-Cut * Strip-Cut *
Shred Style Micro-Cut Paper Shredder Chips Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Chips Strip-Cut Paper Shredder Strips
Shred Size Tiny Chips Chips Long Strips
Shred Speed Fast Faster Fastest
Data Security Ultimate High Good
Economical Good Value Good Value Most Economical
Bulk Reduction 1 Bag of Shreddings 2 Bags of Shreddings
for the same amount
4 Bags of Shreddings
for the same amount
Shop Shredders Micro-Cut Paper Shredders Cross-Cut Paper Shredders Strip-Cut Paper Shredders

* Strip-Cut is also known as Straight-Cut and Cross-Cut is also known as Confetti-Cut