Pouch Laminators vs. Roll Laminators

When choosing a new laminator, the question is often asked, "Do I need a pouch laminator or a roll laminator?" Pouch laminators and roll laminators vary in price, function, size and ease-of-use. The comparison chart on this page contrasts these two types of laminating machines and helps you understand whether you need a pouch laminator and laminating pouches or a roll laminator and laminating film. Please contact us if you need additonal help selecting the right laminator for you or your organization.


Pouch Laminators

Roll Laminators

Pouch Laminators
Roll Laminators
Volume Best for low-volume occasional use Best for high-volume use
Document Size Fixed document size up to 18" long or wide Flexible document length up to 27" wide
Ease of Use Easy to use and easy to switch films Requires some training and harder to switch films
Speed Fast warmup times, but slower laminating Slower warmup times, but faster continuous laminating
Safety Hidden rollers for safety Exposed rollers require extra care with loose clothing
Machine Size Fits on a desktop or small table Needs a larger space and sturdy table
Trimming No trimming necessary Trimming often required
Target Audience Offices, home office, small projects Schools, print shops, high volume offices and copy centers
Common Projects ID cards, letter-size documents, menus Posters, banners, signs
Cost More economical than roll laminators Usually more expensive than pouch laminators
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