Powis Parker PhotoPress™
  • Powis Parker PhotoPress™
  • Turn single-sided prints into beautiful, distinctive photo books without using heat.

Powis Parker PhotoPress


Price: $8,995.00


The Powis Photopress™ System is a fast and easy method of turning silver halide, dye sub and inkjet prints into beautiful, distinctive photobooks. The finished books rival the quality of traditional mounted albums, but the process takes a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. The PhotoPress uses pressure instead of heat to bind prints, so there is never any danger of heat damage to your photos. It’s so easy that anyone can learn to make beautiful photobooks in just a few minutes.


Product Details

19.6” D x 22” W x 23” H ( 49.8cm D x 56cm W x 58.4cm H )
Max. 12” H x 13” W ( 300mm x 330mm ) , Min. 4” H x 6” W ( 100mm x 152mm )
120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 amps
0.5” Max. ( approx. 37 photos )
Binding Time: 60 seconds
190 lbs


PhotoPress Service Manual (PHP_Service_Manual.pdf, 1,175 Kb) [Download]

PhotoPress Brochure (Brochure_PhotoPress.pdf, 1,727 Kb) [Download]