Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies

The Green BreakRoom® A complete line of “Green” breakroom products, from cups, plates, paper products and cleaning supplies. All with the environment and your budget in mind. Presentations Direct now offers a wide variety of paper product such as napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissue as well as cleaning supplies like hand soap and dispensers, hand sanitizer, glass cleaner, dish soap and much much more.

• Large selection of recycled paper and plastic items
• Biobased cleaners and utensils
• Easy web ordering

Dixie PerfecTouch Paper Hot Cups


50 per pack

Hot Cups, Paper, 12oz, Coffee Dreams Design, 50/Pack

Dart Drink Foam Cups


25 per pack

Foam Drink Cups, 8oz, White, 25/Pack

SOLO Cup Company Party Plastic Cold Drink Cups


50 per pack

Plastic Party Cold Cups, 16oz, Clear, 50/Pack

Boardwalk Antibacterial Wipes


75 wipes per canister

Antibacterial Wipes, 8 x 5 2/5, Fresh Scent, 75/Canister

General Supply C-Fold Towel


200 per pack

C-Fold Towels, 10" x 12", White, 200/Pack

General Supply Hardwound Towel


6 rolls per carton

Hardwound Towels, Brown, 1-Ply, Brown, 800ft, 6 Rolls/Carton

General Supply Bath Tissue


96 rolls per carton

Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 500 Sheets/Roll, White, 96 Rolls/Carton

Boardwalk Paper Napkins


3000 per carton

Dinner Napkin, 15" x 17", White, 3000/Carton

General Supply Kitchen Roll Towel


30 rolls per carton

Kitchen Roll Towel, 9" x 11", White, 30 Rolls/Carton

Dixie Ultra Pathways Heavyweight Paper Bowls


125 per pack

Pathways Heavyweight Paper Bowls, WiseSize, 12oz, 125/Pack