Coffee or Tea Pod Packs

PodPack® Single Cup Coffee Brewing Systems will create savings for you, very satisfied users, and be environmentally friendly.

• Savings greater than 20% over other single cup systems
• 90% greener than other single cup systems
• Service oriented supplier
• Lower inventory costs
• A wide variety of delicious coffee and tea flavors…(consistent taste test winners)
• PodPack® coffees have earned the Golden Cup Standard • Service oriented supplier

Pod Pack pods are not compatible with Kuerig or other ‘K Cup’ style brewers. Pod Pack pods are only able to be used with brewers designed to accommodate the soft pod style. These would include the brewers listed on our website but not limited to those specific soft pod style brewers. (See Bunn-o-matic and SunCana as recommended brewers by Presentations Direct)


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