Pod Pack 1-CUP Coffee Pods Offer a Variety of Flavors to Satisfy Everyone.

Pod Pack pods are not compatible with Kuerig or other ‘K Cup’ style brewers. Pod Pack pods are only able to be used with brewers designed to accommodate the soft pod style. These would include the brewers listed on our website but not limited to those specific soft pod style brewers. (See Bunn-o-matic and SunCana as recommended brewers by Presentations Direct)

18 Pods Per Box

Breakfast Blend


18 pods per box

This blend is rich in flavor, color and aroma. It's truly a cup to be savored!

Minimum quantity for "Breakfast Blend" is 6.



18 pods per box

All Arabica coffees coated with just a hint of the finest hazelnut give this coffee its distinctive taste.

Minimum quantity for "Hazelnut" is 6.

Sea Salt & Caramel


18 pods per box

Start the Spring with a Refreshing Combination of Sea Salt Plus Caramel in Your Coffee.

Minimum quantity for "Sea Salt & Caramel" is 6.

French Vanilla Decaf
18 pods per box

All Arabica coffees coated with the perfect amount of a combination of nutty with the sweetness of vanilla.

Minimum quantity for "French Vanilla Decaf" is 6.

Toasted Almond (Seasonal Blend)


18 pods per box

Wonderfully fragrant with the delicate flavor of warm, toasted almonds makes this coffee smooth, flavorful and oh so nutty.

Minimum quantity for "Toasted Almond (Seasonal Blend)" is 6.